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Directed By:  Mark Steven Grove
Written By:  Robert Gosnell (screenplay) / Christophe Clark, Robert Gosnell, Julian Lee (story)
Starring: Julian Lee, Barbara Gehring, Trygve Lode, Donald Richardson
Rated: R (violence / language)
Running Time: 87 Min.
   Dragon and the Hawk is an action/thriller starring Julian Lee as Dragon Pak, martial arts master with a mission.  His sister Cindi had started a new life in America, and is now missing.  He has travelled from Hong Kong to America, in the hopes of finding her and solving the mystery of her disappearance. 
    Out to stop Dragon is the ruthless Edgar Dante, played by Donald Richardson.  During a brutal run-in with Dante and his gang of thugs, Dragon finds help from police Lieutenant Dana 'Hawk' Hawkins, played by Barbara Gehring.  Hawk is investigating the disappearance and murders of other young women, including her own sister.  Could there be a connection?  I'd be willing to bet there is!
    Dragon and the Hawk join forces, and soon run up against the enigmatically evil Therion, played by Trygve Lode.  Working for a mysterious criminal organization bent on world domination, he and his thugs are kidnapping young women to subject them to mind-altering chemicals.  Therion conducts his nefarious work with cool, calculated efficiency, and is one of the creepiest,  most original villians I've seen in quite a while!
    What follows is a journey into Therion's dangerous realm, as Dragon and the Hawk risk everything to unravel his wicked scheme and find Dragon Pak's missing sister.  Dante's Inferno Club fronts this insidious underworld, a dark domain of hidden laboratories and dungeons full of captured young women.  Yes, Dragon and the Hawk truly has something for everyone!
    Also, unlike most action films not starring Jackie Chan, the stars of Dragon and the Hawk actually perform their own martial arts moves.  I must say that Julian Lee and Barbara Gehring both excel at kicking ass!  Highlights of the movie include many excellent fight sequences, each choreographed and executed with greater originality than most anything Hollywood has to offer. 
     Dragon and the Hawk is a fun and very entertaining martial arts movie, full of exciting action, memorable characters, and even a bit of comedy.  Will Therion's evil plans be thwarted?  Will Dragon Pak find his sister?  See Dragon and the Hawk and find out for yourself!
Technical Stuff:

Format - 1 Single Layered / Single Sided Disc
                   Region 0 (all regions)
                   Full Screen (pan & scan) Presentation 1:33

Sound -   Dolby Digital 5.1
                   Dolby Surround

Cool Features:

Main Menu Screen:  Erupting from a neat fireball effect, the Main Menu screen features the Dragon and the Hawk yin-yang logo surrounded by animated flames, accompanied by eerie music from the film's soundtrack.  Buttons for Play Movie, Chapters, Trailers, and Music Video appear at the bottom of the screen. 

Chapters Screen:  The Chapters menu is set up with stills from the film, arranged as police investigation photographs.  Selecting a scene highlights that photograph with a red circled chapter number.  A very cool design, which fits in perfectly with the movie's theme. 

Trailers:  The Trailers menu features a still from the film's opening scene, along with options to play the original theatrical trailer, the 60 second commercial, or the 30 second commercial for Dragon and the Hawk.
Music Video:  This is a music video for the goth-industrial song Now You're Mine (Sei Meine!), which features lyrics and vocals by none other than Trygve Lode, Dragon and the Hawk's evil villian!  The music video also features many of Dragon and the Hawk's awesome fight sequences.
A.J.'s Random Thoughts:
    For an independent production, this is a surprisingly solid DVD presentation.  I'm impressed with the attention to detail taken to compliment the movie, right down to the DVD's packaging, which includes a chapter list insert in the form of Therion's police investigation file.  (Nice touch!) 
    In addition, for anyone wondering, Dragon and the Hawk is also available on home video in VHS tape format. 
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