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The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Defined:

    The concept of the game is that Kevin Bacon can be linked to any other Hollywood star through association.  The object is to connect any movie actor or actress to Kevin Bacon with less than six links between them.   Two people who have worked together in the same movie constitute a link.  For the true purists, broadcast television, cable, and made-for-video productions do not count.


Antonio Banderas to Kevin Bacon in 3 links-
Antonio Banderas was in Mask of Zorro with Anthony Hopkins
Anthony Hopkins was in Mission: Impossible-2 with Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise was in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon

Tracey Ullman to Kevin Bacon in 3 links-
Tracey Ullman was in Robin Hood: Men In Tights with Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart was in Conspiracy Theory with Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon

Too easy, you say?  How about...

John Wayne to Kevin Bacon in 4 links-
John Wayne was in The Searchers with Natalie Wood
Natalie Wood was in Brainstorm with Christopher Walken
Christopher Walken was in Batman Returns with Michael Keaton
Michael Keaton was in She's Having A Baby with Kevin Bacon

Mary Pickford to Kevin Bacon in 4 links-
Mary Pickford was in Hollywood Hobbies with Milton Berle
Milton Berle was in The Muppet Movie with Steve Martin
Steve Martin was in Planes, Trains, & Automobiles with John Candy
John Candy was in J.F.K. with Kevin Bacon
(This can be cut to only 3 links if you count Kevin's cameo in Planes,...)

Babe Ruth to Kevin Bacon in 5 links-
Babe Ruth was in Pride of the Yankees with Teresa Wright
Teresa Wright was in Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve
Christopher Reeve was in Superman with Gene Hackman
Gene Hackman was in No Way Out with Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner was in J.F.K. with Kevin Bacon

Here are some challenges:

Bruce Lee in 2 links            Fess Parker in 2 links
Vincent Price in 2 links       Bruce Springsteen in 2 links
Clark Gable in 2 link           Oprah Winfrey in 2 links
Patty Duke in 2 links           Helen Hayes in 3 links
Farrah Fawcett in 2 links    Yahoo Serious in 3 links
Whitney Houston in 2 links Sidney Poitier in 4 links

Alternate 'Super Genius' version:  Make links without using the film J.F.K.

    The challenge of this game is to make the links using only the movie trivia stored within your own brain as a reference.  The use of books and computers is strictly forbidden.  But... if you just want to (wink, wink) practice, below are some cheats and other links!
A.J.'s Ultimate Kevin Bacon Cheat Sheet!
This game is more fun when played using only well known stars, so here's a list of every major star who has worked with Kevin Bacon!
The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
This is a link to the Department of Computer Science
at the University of Virginia!  They've wasted, er, invested
a lot of time creating a program that plays this game!
WARNING: It's database sometimes uses actors NO-ONE has
heard of, and movies that haven't been released yet, so
don't be surprised if it links Kevin Bacon to some guy who
played "guard #2" in a film that comes out next year.
That's just it's way of showing off.  Also, it's not perfect.
If you receive an answer of 'infinity', then you've stumped
the game, but the real challenge is to find stars with
link numbers of four or higher. Try it!
Kevin Bacon: Center of the Showbiz Universe?
Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon:  THE AWFUL TRUTH
Learn the history of the Kevin Bacon game!
Is he REALLY the center of the Showbiz Universe???
A.J.'s Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
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