A.J.'s Anniversary Page Archives
Every year I post a page commemorating the anniversary of A.J.'s Place.
These silly celebrations were originally featured for a limited time, but,
due to popular demand, I've decided to archive them all here.
With special guest... William Shatner!  It's not only spectacular, it's TREK-tacular!
The Filmdom Menace!
Kevin & The Universe
This Day In Movie History
The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
It's a widely held belief that Kevin Bacon is the center of the Showbiz Universe. 
Don't know the game?  Here are rules, links to game sites, and A.J.'s Ultimate Bacon Cheat-Sheet!
This Day in Movie History
From the Internet Movie Database.
Enter your birth date to see what stars were born on the same day!  The morbidly curious can scroll down to see who died, and the truly sadistic can see who got married!
Games & More!
Movie related games, PC games, and other fun stuff!
Oscar 2003!
Oscar 2001!
The Best & Worst Movies of 2003
The Best & Worst Movies of 2001
The Best & Worst Movies of 2000
Reality... what a concept!
A.J.'s Haunted Hollywood
A.J.'s Christmas Favorites
Guides & More!
Original movie guides, lists of favorites, and, of course, more!
A.J.'s Christmas Favorites
A.J.'s Christmas Favorites
Reality... What a Concept!
Your guide to VR movies & more!

Featuring virtual worlds, cyber spaces, and other groovy mind trips!
A.J.'s Haunted Hollywood
Your guide to scary movies!

Includes Cult Classics, Strange Happenings, Creepy Comedies, Psycho Killers, and more! 
Enter if you dare!!!
A.J.'s Christmas Favorites
Your guide to A.J.'s Top 20 Christmas Favorites!!!

A.J.'s Place: Games & Guides!
In The Spotlight:
This month's featured... feature!
The Chrono-Chronicles:
Time Travel in the movies!
Go back in time to witness the past-future of classic modern cinema! 
(Okay, I've gone cross-eyed!)
A.J.'s Best & Worst Archives
My take on the best and worst movies of the year!
A.J.'s Award Show Archives
They're award shows; They're archived; 'nuf said?
Oscar 2000!
The MTV Movie Awards
Chose your path... Warrior of the Light or Minion of the Dark in this fantasy/action game.
(rated Mature for blood and violence)
Movie reviews, guides, games, news, and more!
"Not just your basic, average, everyday, ordinary,
run-of-the-mill, ho-hum entertainment website."
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In association with Amazon.com
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Oscar 2002!
The Best & Worst Movies of 2002
Law & Order: Justice is Served
Game Review
Law & Order: Justice is Served
The new mystery/adventure game from Legacy Interactive.
Based on the popular Law & Order television series!
Please remain seated until the internet comes to a complete stop.
A.J.'s Internet Classroom
Reviews 101: "Do the Write Thing"

Tips for the aspiring movie reviewer, featuring Steven Spielberg's MINORITY REPORT.
Shhh, class in session!
A.J.'s Internet Classroom
Reviews 102: "The Rebuttal"

What's a rebuttal?  For all the ifs, ands, and exceptions, enroll today for the scuttlebutt on movie review rebuts.  Featuring the Civil War drama, COLD MOUNTAIN!