Format:  CD-ROM for PC
Genre:  Mystery/Adventure
ESRB Rating:  T
(Teen for crime theme and mild language)

System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP
Pentium II 400 MHz or equivalent
8 MB video card, DirectX 8.1 compatible
Sound card, DirectX 8.1 compatible
700 MB available hard disc space

Law & Order: Justice is Served - Background Check:

Law & Order: Justice is Served is the third in a series of mystery/adventure games based on the popular Law & Order television mystery/courtroom series. The storyline concerns the suspicious death of a young tennis star. Was it an accident, a suicide, or... murder? The game seeks to capture the spirit of the show by having the player conduct a criminal investigation from the very beginning, then follow it straight through to, hopefully, the conviction of the perpetrator. The player must interview witnesses, find clues, and route information gained to the correct departments, with the ultimate goal of discovering "who done it". Once a prime suspect has been identified, the player must use relevant evidence to obtain an arrest warrant and have them taken into custody. Now, if that sounds like a difficult task, guess what? The game's only half over! After completing the investigation, the player, along with the Assistant District Attorney, must build a court case strong enough to convince a jury that the suspect is, indeed, guilty of the crime!

Law & Order: Justice is Served is a mystery/adventure within nicely rendered 3D environments. All gameplay is conducted using simple mouse clicks,drags, and drops. The player must interact with game characters and solve a variety of puzzle challenges, as well as apply a good dose of critical thinking and deductive reasoning to complete the game. While investigating, you must visit various locations around Manhattan to interview suspects, search for clues, and learn medical examiner, lab test, and other research department results. Then, use what you've learned to build a strong court case by compiling and submitting evidence and subpoenaing witnesses. In the courtroom, call the right witnesses, ask the right questions, and present the right evidence. Whatever you do, don't waste the court's time!
Graphics / Sound:

The 3D environments in Law & Order: Justice is Served work quite well for this type of game, but what really impressed me was how dialogue and music were used. Lending voices to characters in Justice is Served are many of the actual stars of Law & Order, including Jerry Orbach, Jesse L. Martin, and Elizabeth Rohm. The game even includes a guest star, John McEnroe's brother, Patrick McEnroe! As for actual dialogue, let me put it this way... the cheesier Detective Briscoe's joking comments are, the further you are from the correct course of action! The atmospheric background music, along with the familiar Law & Order theme, really help to give it the feeling of the television series.
A.J.'s Verdict:

Definitely a must for fans of television's Law & Order! Law & Order: Justice is Served offers at least 15-20 challenging hours of mystery for the investigative gamer to solve.

Game Trailer:   Quicktime
Gameplay clips:  Broadband   Dialup
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For more about the Law & Order series of games, visit www.legacyinteractive.com!

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