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Format:  CD-ROM for PC
Genre:  RPG Action
ESRB Rating:  M
(Mature for blood and violence)

System Requirements: 4x CD ROM drive / Windows
compatible sound device / mouse and keyboard / DirectX 8.1
Minimum/Recommended Requirements:  2200MB
hard disc space / 256MB swap space for gameplay.
Minimum Requirements:  Pentium III 700 / 128MB RAM /
3D accelerator card (D3D compatible) TNT2 or equal
Recommended Specs:  Pentium 4 1.7Ghz or Athlon 1 Ghz /
256 MB RAM / 3D accelerator card (OpenGL compatable) Geforce3
or compatible
Supported OS:  Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP
All Video Cards must have at least 16MB VRAM

Enclave RPG Story History:

There was once a great war between the demon Vatar's armies of darkness and the Enclave's forces of light.  Just when it seemed that darkness would prevail, the demon was confronted by a lone figure, armed only with a wizard's staff.  The figure raised the staff high, then slammed it into the ground with such force that a rift opened, dividing the world of light from the land of darkness.  Those of the Enclave were now protected by this abyss, but, with the passage of time, the rift has begun to narrow.  Soon, the armies of darkness will be able to cross over, and exact revenge upon those of the light side.


Enclave is a fantasy role playing adventure within 3D environments.  There are a variety of characters, each with different strengths and weapons.  In addition, players can choose to play for the light side or the dark side.  The game features over 25 challenging levels of play.  Players must search for gold to purchase weapons, find and use spells and potions, battle dangerous enemies, and complete various mission objectives to advance to higher levels.  Each level can be played in one of three difficulty settings; Easy, Medium, or Hard. 

As far as controls are concerned, those of Enclave are surprisingly simple to master.  Basic keyboard controls for movement are enhanced with mouse clicks and movements to select or deselect items and weapons, as well as to look up, down, right, and left without moving the character.  Also, Enclave can be played using a first-person or third-person viewpoint, and all control parameters can be customized by the player. 

Graphics / Sound:

The graphics in Enclave are incredible!  The 3D environments are beautifully designed and textured, including both indoor and outdoor settings.  The character designs are equally impressive, and, together with the settings, create a wonderfully gothic overall look.  The level of graphic detail can be customized, but I noticed no slowdown with all details enabled on a PC with the minimum requirements.  Also included is a 'no blood' option, for more family-friendly adventures.
Sound is similarly fantastic, and matches the drama of the game.  Music is fittingly heroic in nature, but the sound effects offer some amusing surprises.  It's great that role playing games can still combine a sense of adventure with a sense of humor!  All sound volumes, including 3D sound, are adjustable, and an option for silent subtitles is also included.

Bottom Line:

Classic fantasy gameplay and cutting-edge graphics combine in Enclave for hours of top-notch role playing adventure.  Challenging story-based campaigns for RPG fans, along with enough fun, fast-paced action to satisfy arcade lovers.
Enclave is the best of both worlds!

For more about Enclave, visit www.Enclavegame.com!