Featured Review: Unsolved Mysteries on DVD
    Unsolved Mysteries, the popular, long-running television program that investigates strange and unusual events around the world, has finally come to home video with an entire series of DVD sets. Each set includes four DVDs, themed to a specific type of mystery.
    I had the opportunity to screen segments from the Ghosts and UFOs sets, and I must say they were quite impressive! I especially enjoyed the overall style of the mystery segments, which combine dramatic recreations with a surprising amount of actual eye-witness accounts. Many investigations also include comments from others, experts and skeptics alike.
    Presiding over the festivities is award-winning actor and television personality Robert Stack, who appears out of the shadows to introduce and narrate each mystery segment. Stack is perfect for such commentary, his calm, authoritative voice lending just the right amount of dramatic weight to these incredible stories.
    The Ghosts set features creepy tellings of 34 different confrontations with the dearly and not-so-dearly departed. Highlights include the Queen Mary ghosts; said to haunt the famous luxury oceanliner, Michael Jones; the kid with a sixth sense that allows him to see dead people, and Resurrection Mary; who has been known to catch the occasional ride back to her final resting place.
    The UFOs set features 26 amazing alien encounters. Standout segments include stories on crop circles, the Vancouver Lights, and UFOs over Mexico City. In depth accounts of the Roswell Incident, the famous Allagash Abductions, and the lesser known, but no less unearthly sightings near Woodbridge and Bentwaters, two U.S. Air Force bases in southeast England, are also included.

    The recreations in both sets are handled very well, helping to create an ominous atmosphere for each mystery that, while eerie, is still suitable for family viewing. Put simply, Unsolved Mysteries on DVD would make a great addition to any Halloween party, or the perfect gift for anyone interested in tales of the unknown.

    Follow the links below to learn more about these mystery-filled DVD sets!
A.J.'s DVD Rating: 4 Stars
Review published
October 15, 2004
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