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Amadeus - Director's Cut *****
Great making-of documentary and filmmaker's commentary! Also, the film is over 20 minutes longer than the theatrical release, and, surprisingly, they didn't screw it up!  Incredible sound and picture quality - This is why I buy DVDs!

Austin Powers in Goldmember - infinifilm ***1/2
Is it me, or are these 'infinifilm' releases just infinitely frustrating? Once you get past the illogical menu screen format, the features are actually pretty good.  A breakdown of the opening stunts, fun filmmaker's commentary, and music videos including Dr. Evil
and Mini Me's prison rap of 'It's a Hard-Knock Life' - Hilarious!

A Beautiful Mind - 2 disc Awards Edition *1/2
Well, they really scraped the barrel to get two discs worth of features.  A decent making-of and behind-the-scenes presentation degenerates quickly into awards show highlights, a commercial for the soundtrack, and trailers for movies such as K-PAX and
Patch Adams.  Blech!  My imaginary friends all hated it.

Black Hawk Down *
From Colombia Home Video comes a DVD that includes such oustanding features as 'scene selections' and 'theatrical trailers'. What year do they think this is... 1997?
Note: Since this original release, Colombia has come up with a better "deluxe" set... argh!
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial - 2 disc Limited Collector's Edition **1/2
Though the packaging may not say, this edition includes the 2002 updated movie, as well as the original 1982 release.  The updates suck.  Also included is a weird little cast-reunion featurette and much concerning John Williams music score.  However, there is no, I repeat NO director's commentary.  Lastly, the packaging doesn't even have the title on the side... DVD storage shelf turmoil! 

Gremlins - Special Edition ****
Honestly, when you have quality features, you don't need very many to create a decent DVD presentation!  Included are two entertaining commentaries, one with director Joe Dante and the actors, and one with Joe Dante, producer Michael Finner, and special effects artist, Chris Wales.  There are also deleted scenes, with or without commentary; a photo gallery; and a behind-the-scenes featurette.  Good stuff!

Minority Report ***
A pretty good making-of features here, but, alas, Spielberg once again has deprived us of a director's commentary track.  I get the distinct feeling that all of his movies are going to some day be re-released with one, or that Spielberg simply has no comment.

The Producers - Special Edition  **
A fantastic 'making-of' documentary, and a fantastic movie. That's about it.  Glad I didn't pick up the 'Non-Special' Edition!

Pulp Fiction - Collector's Edition *****
Holy cow!  Tarantino fans will love this one!  Tons of info about the movie, a huge photo gallery, Siskel & Ebert on Quentin, and you even get a menu for Jack Rabbit Slim's packaged right along with it!  There's no commentary, but then who could keep up with
Tarantino if there was?! 
Reservior Dogs - Collector's Edition *****
(The Mr. Brown Box, of course)
They packed a lot into these two discs!  Truly a great presentation, worthy of Tarantino.  Lots of stuff about the movie, independent films of the early 90's, great interviews with the cast, fun with K-BILLY's super sounds of the '70s, and a cool primer on the film
noir style.  Geez, what more do you want?!  Action figures?  OK!
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