Prey for Rock & Roll
Written by: Cheri Lovedog  & Robin Whitehouse
Directed by: Alex Steyermark
Starring: Gina Gershon, Drea de Matteo, Lori Petty, Shelly Cole,
Marc Blucas, Ivan Martin, Eddie Driscoll
MPAA: Rated R for language, sexual content, drug use and brief violence.

DVD Technical Specs.
Format: Region 1 (US and Canada)   Aspect Ratio: Widescreen Anamorphic
Sound: English  (Dolby Digital 5.1 or 2.0 Surround) 
Subtitle Tracks: English / Spanish

Movie Review
    Jacki's been in a struggling all-girl rock band for a long time, perhaps too long.  In fact, she's beginning to wonder if the gods of rock & roll stardom have passed her by.  Why this sudden attack of introspective thought?  Jacki has just turned 40. 
    Prey for Rock & Roll is a dramatic slice of punk rock life, as Jacki, played wonderfully by Gina Gershon, must decide what course her future will take.  Are her faded dreams of rock success worth hanging onto for another year?  And, is she staying with the band out of dedication to her chosen profession, or is it that she's simply too old to change her rockin' lifestyle?  Though the film often strays from this central plotline, Gershon's strong screen presence helps to keep the story alive and focused. 
    Personally, I would have liked to have seen even deeper character development relating to Jacki, rather than tragic sidebars featuring the supporting cast.  However, I must admit that these secondary offshoots do yield a great acting performance by Lori Petty as Jacki's bandmate, Faith.  Petty is a most underrated talent!
    Director Alex Steyermark shot Prey for Rock & Roll on a small budget, completely with digital cameras.  He handles the mix of dramatic scenes and rock performance sequences well, giving the movie a rough-edged, early 1980's look. 
    As for the music, Jacki's band, The Clam Dandys, seems content to play throwaway pseudo-punk tunes that sound exactly like they were written specifically for a Hollywood movie.  No wonder they're having trouble getting signed by a record label!
    While I may poke fun at its musical qualities, Prey for Rock & Roll is still a very original and entertaining look at the life of an aging female rocker.  Its fine acting performances and compelling characters combine to give Prey for Rock & Roll a good chance at becoming a cult classic.
DVD Review

Menu Screens:
The main menu screen begins with a scratchy home-movie montage featuring Gina Gershon as Jacki.  Accompanied by a raucous guitar solo, the title graphic for the movie is then overlaid along with choices for 'Play', 'Scene Selection', 'Set Up', and the 'Lion's Gate' logo to create the DVD main menu.  The 'Scene Selection' menus feature motion images from the film. 

Special Features: 
Commentary: Available by choosing 'Set Up' from the main menu screen.  Director Alex Steyermark shares his thoughts on the making of the film in this laid-back audio track.  Includes good information about low budget filmmaking.

Trailers: Choosing the 'Lion's Gate' logo from the main menu screen plays the Restricted Audience (red band) trailers for Prey for Rock & Roll and Stealing Candy, and the General Audience (green band) trailer for Shattered Glass.

Subtitles: Subtitles are available in English and Spanish.

Random Thoughts:
Spare on special features, but scores points for including a director's commentary.  Overall, a good DVD presentation that matches the spirit and tone of the movie.
A.J.'s DVD Rating: 3 Stars
Review published
May 3, 2004
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