Complete Squaresville  A.K.A. The Complaints Department

Music to Shag To:
This is a shabby little ploy to plug the movie's soundtrack.
Swedish Made Penis Enlarger Pump: 
I mean seriously, what should be jolly fun for all turns out just to be a longer version of the 'Music to Shag To' option. (Oh, ah, yes... now I get it!)

Commentary Track:
There's actually a lot of good, entertaining information on this track by director Jay Roach and Austin star Mike Myers, but for some unknown reason, other than the voices of Myers and Roach, this track is completely silent.  Myers and Roach comment on music and dialogue in the film, but none of that dialogue or music can be heard by the viewer without turning off the commentary track.  They didn't slightly lower the movie's volume, as most commentary tracks do, instead they've completely blocked it out!  It helps to activate the closed-captioning option to get dialogue, but for music, you're just out of luck.  Originally, I thought my DVD player was at fault, but I'm told that's just the way this DVD was made.  I'm guessing this was a mistake found too late in production to correct.  Either that, or Dr. Evil is at it again!
Wait a Tick - Final Thought

This one has all the marks of just being thrown together as fast as possible.  The shameless advertising for other products puts a real damper on the worthiness of its cooler features... what a drag.  Hey NEW LINE, get to work on a revised, more shagadelic version, okay?
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
The 'Techno' Stuff
Format: Region 1 encoding (US and Canada) - Dual Layer Double Sided Disc
Side One:  Widescreen Theatrical Version
Side Two:  Full-Frame Formatted Version
Dolby Surround 5.1 - English
Stereo - French
Language Tracks - English / French

The Really Groovy Stuff
Best Feature:
It's something called 'Star Highlights', which, when looking at the cast filmographies, offers a handful of actual clips from other films starring the chosen actor or actress.  A 'Star Highlights' logo appears next to each listing provided.  When accessed, an advertisement for that other film comes up, and an option to watch that person's scene is given.  Sure, this is just a merchandising gimmick for New Line Home Video, but here's why it's also the Best Feature...  Under Mimi Rogers' filmography is the original teaser trailer for 1998's Lost in Space, and the clip for another of her films, Rapture,  includes a pre-X-Files David Duchovny, looking more 'Fabio' than 'FBI'.  Very amusing content!
Other Shagadelic Features:
Spy Genre Retrospective: This is a cool version of Production Notes, which offers 14 pages of notes on the many film and television spies that have influenced the Austin Powers film.

Cameo Menu:  Another original feature, this menu showcases the four stars who made cameo appearances in the film.  It features a filmography list for each, and has an option to jump to their scenes in Austin Powers. The cameo list includes Carrie Fisher, Tom Arnold, Burt Bacharach, and a pre-'Young Number 2' Rob Lowe.  (Rob's scene isn't even in the finished film!)  
You Know, The Usual Stuff Baby, Yeah!
Menu Screen Presentation:
The Main Menu screen features a still of Austin and Vanessa, backed by an animated psychedelic spiraling effect.  Also, the first few notes from the Austin Powers theme are looped to provide music.  Groovy Menu items are listed for 'Play', 'Language Selection', 'Extra Stuff', and 'Groovy Scenes'.  Groovy Scene selection offers scenes in full motion, and the Extra Stuff menu features an animated flower-power background, but other sub-menus are still images with no music.  If left alone too long, the Extra Stuff sub-menu will automatically play the trailer for the film.

Sound and Image Quality:
Good sound and image, except for no sound during the director/star commentary track. (See Complaints Department below)
Theatrical Trailer:
The original theatrical trailer is included. 
Cast Biographies:
Bios and filmographies are provided for Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Robert Wagner, Mimi Rogers, and Michael York.  The 'Star Highlights' option, described above, is available once for Elizabeth Hurley and Michael York, and three times for Mimi Rogers. 
Deleted Scenes:
Alternate Ending #1:  This is a different ending, which really sucks. You can tell they were having a lot of trouble getting out of this story.

Alternate Ending #2: Similar to #1, but with the addition of a funny 'where are they now?' epilogue.  Actually a great improvement over ending #1.

Other Scenes: There are five deleted scenes offered, and all of them are pretty funny.  Most would have interrupted the pace and focus of the story, but one, the 'Fendi Briefcase' scene, should have remained in the movie.  It's short, really funny, and actually explains a current continuity error in the film, which involves a briefcase that is closed, then open for no apparent reason.
English captions are provided for the hearing impaired, and French and Spanish subtitles are also provided.

Language Tracks:
Language tracks are provided in English and French.
A.J.'s DVD Rating:  2 Stars - That's it in a Nutshell!
Review published
March 14, 2001
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